Practice Areas

From digitally enhanced retail stores to pure-play ecommerce, digital technologies are transforming the way retail is done. Shopper traffic in stores is in decline and at the same time, e-commerce is soaring while tradition channels are blurring.
Identifying inventory and distributing it to the consumer in a seamless fashion irrespective of the channel may sound simple. The interdependent technology solutions creating such a reality is complex and integrating back office technologies is a significant challenge.
Brands are facing unprecedented challenges from competitors, ecommerce and their traditional distribution channels. As they increasingly seeking to circumvent retailers and reach their customers directly, Specialty, Luxury and Brand are investing heavily in technology to help them realize their strategic initiatives and embrace globalization.
Brick & mortar and e-grocery stores are embracing a broad range of technological solutions to help stay relevant with today’s digital shoppers. Advances in CRM, fulfillment, POS, mobile wallet and dynamic pricing are all byproducts of strategic efforts to engage customers and increase purchase options.